Decrease Cardiovascular Deaths

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MaineHealth remains focused on managing risk factors to prevent cardiovascular disease and maximizing the quality of care of patients who have cardiovascular disease.

Age-adjusted cardiovascular death rates have been declining in Maine and the U.S. since 2000 however recently rates in the U.S. have stabelized and in Maine rates have shown a slight uptick.  Reductions in cardiovascular mortality can be attributed, in part, to advances in clinical treatments and improved quality of evidence-based care provided.  Increases in Mainer's healthy eating and active living habits, as well as the reduced prevalence of tobacco use in Maine, have also contributed to this decline in mortality.  Continued focus on reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol is critical to continuing the reduction in cardiovascular mortality.  


Clinical Strategies

  • Train providers on accurate blood pressure measurement.
  • Reach agreement on treatment guidelines for hypertension and cholesterol levels.
  • Implement guidelines for cardiovascular disease across healthcare settings and within health systems.
  • Monitor, educate and engage patients in care.
  • Train First Responders on treatment guidelines.
  • Expand access to:
    • Cardiac rehabilitation
    • Telehealth
    • Affordable medications
    • Ventricular devices

Community Strategies

  • Implement evidence-based programs such as:
    • National Diabetes Prevention Program
    • Million Hearts Program
    • DASH diet
    • CPR training
    • Expand access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Policy Strategies

  • Advocate for policy and environmental changes that support cardiovascular health.
  • Knox County Get Up and Go Guide

    A list and brief description of physical activity opportunities in Knox County (listed by town).  Many of the options are low to no cost. The guide provides individuals with ideas on how to be physically active and is being used widely by many of the participating Let's Go! Knox County childcare and healthcare sites.The team was pleased with the results of the survey as it indicated what community members would like to see and guided the direction of the process.

  • Logic Model: Decrease Cardiovascular Deaths

    Logic Model – A roadmap or diagram showing chain results connecting activities to the expected initial outputs, and intermediate and final outcomes.  It provides a basis for developing the performance measurement and evaluation strategies 

  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services

    Maine DHHS provides integrated health and human services to the people of Maine to assist individuals in meeting their needs, while respecting the rights and preferences of the individual and family, within available resources.

  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2013
  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2014
  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2015
  • MaineHealth Learning Resource Center

    The Learning Resource Center is a program of MaineHealth that helps patients, community members and health professionals find the health information and support they need to be true partners in care. Find reliable information through our website, online library and health classes, or contact one of our health educators for answers to your specific health questions.

  • MFFM | Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets

    MFFM website and resources - Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets is a close network of farmers through-out Maine and a great resource for getting in contact with farmers. 

  • Oxford County Moves

    Oxford County Moves' ACE website with additional resources. 



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