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MaineHealth continues to collaborate with organizations to implement clinical, community, and policy strategies to increase on-time childhood immunization rates in Maine.

Maine's 2015 estimated up-to-date rate among all 19-35 month olds is 72%


Up-to-Date on 7 Immunizations

Results of the 2015 National Immunization Survey (NIS) released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that an estimated 71.8% (95% CI ±5.0) of Maine’s children aged 19-35 months were up-to-date on a combined series of seven vaccines* compared to the national average of 72.2%.  The 2015 rate represents a significant decrease from the 2014 estimated rate of 85%, however the 2015 rate is not statistically different from the majority of states.   Only 1 State (Texas) had a statistically significant increase in their Up-to-Date rate of 7 vaccines from 2014 to 2015.  

Both the Maine and U.S. estimates were below the HealthyPeople 2020 target of 80% and the MaineHealth goal rate of 85%.  


Individual Vaccines

DTap - (Diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis) The estimated rate for DTap coverage of 92% is the highest in the U.S. and above the HealthyPeople 2020 goal of 90% and statistically above that of 5 other states.  

Polio - The estimated Polio vaccine rate in Maine is 95%, slightly above the U.S. estimate as well as the Healthy People 2020 target of 90%.  There is much consistency in the Polio vaccine rate across the United States with only 2 states statistically above the U.S. estimate and none below.  

MMR - (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine rates are also very consistent across the U.S. with only 2 states statistically above the U.S. average and only 1 below.  The Maine estimate of 96% and U.S. estimate of 92% are both above the Healthy People 2020 goal of 90%.  

HepB - (Hepatitis B) The Maine vaccine rate estimate for HepB ≥3 doses was 89%, only slightly below the HP2020 target of 90%.  The majority of U.S. states have an estimated immunization rate for HepB that is above the target.  

Varicella - The estimated immunization rate of 93.8% is very similar to the 2014 estimate of 94.5%.  The varicella estimate is above the Healthy People target of 90% in Maine and in the U.S. overall.  Only 1 state has an estimate statistically below and 3 above the U.S. estimate.

PCV - (Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine) - The estimate of PCV vaccine coverage in Maine is 85%, slightly above the overall U.S. estimate of 84%.  Both the US and Maine rate estimates are below the Healthy People 202 target of 90%.  



Teen Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) immunization rates for females receiving ≥doses in Maine remained virtually unchanged from 2014 to 2015 (44%) however the rate for males ≥3 doses HPV rose from 28% to 47%, a statistically significant increase.  This increase of almost 20 points was the second largest of all U.S. states. 


*series of 7 vaccines include ≥4 DTaP, ≥3 IPV, ≥1 MMR, full HIB series, ≥ 3 HepB, ≥ 1 VAR, ≥ 4 PCV


If you would like more information about MaineHealth’s Childhood Immunization Program, please contact Caroline Zimmerman, Program Manager at MaineHealth or visit Vax Maine Kids.    



Clinical Strategies

  • Provide training, assessments, feedback and incentives for providers.
  • Expand use of provider reminders and standing orders.
  • Expand access to vaccination services, data and combination vaccines.
  • Provide vaccine education during prenatal visits.
  • Expand use of 2-way communication between Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and ImmPact.
  • Expand the ease and use of ImmPact across all sites.
  • Maintain provider reimbursement.
  • Implement patient reminder and recall systems and system-based enhancements.

Community Strategies

  • Engage and educate vaccine-hesitant families.
  • Implement evidence-based interventions that focus on:
    • Increasing community demand for vaccines.
    • Enhancing access to vaccination services.
  • Improve community engagement in interventions.

Policy Strategies

  • Advocate for and implement policies that expand access, improve monitoring, enhance requirements and increase vaccination rates.
  • Improve regional surveillance efforts.
  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2014
  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2015
  • Practices awarded for Up-to-Date Immunization Rates


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