Decrease Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction

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Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction continue to be a major health problem in Maine and the nation.

The number of deaths related to drug overdose has risen sharply, both nationally and in Maine.  Maine had the fifth largest increase in drug overdose deaths between the periods 2012-2014 and 2013-2015,  Many consider drug overdose deaths and the impact of drug abuse and addiction on law enforcement, education, public safety, communities and families to be one of our most pressing public health issues.


Clinical Strategies

  • Train practice teams on standardized screening tools, proper prescribing practices and patient engagement.
  • Strengthen pharmacy practice/policy.
  • Expand use of Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).
  • Expand access to treatment and use of alternative treatment therapies.
  • Educate patient/family on medication management, storage and disposal.
  • Standardize and expand Naloxone prescribing.
  • Expand pre-natal addiction care services.
  • Expand treatment capacity.

Community Strategies

  • Implement evidence-based programs and promising practices.
  • Improve community engagement in interventions.

Policy Strategies

  • Advocate for and implement policy changes.
  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2013
  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2014
  • MaineHealth Health Index Report - 2015
  • MaineHealth Learning Resource Center

    The Learning Resource Center is a program of MaineHealth that helps patients, community members and health professionals find the health information and support they need to be true partners in care. Find reliable information through our website, online library and health classes, or contact one of our health educators for answers to your specific health questions.

  • Snuggle-ME-Guidelines-Letter

  • SnuggleME-Project
  • Snuggle-ME-Screen-tool

  • Substance Abuse Data - Statewide Epidemiology Outcomes Workgroup

    Maine SEOW Dashboard

    The SEOW Dashboard is a web-based interactive system that monitors trends on substance use, mental health, and gambling in Maine. It is our hope that the SEOW Dashboard will help communities build their capacity to address their needs and prevention priorities through data-driven decision-making and evaluation.

    SEOW has the following primary objectives:

    To identify substance abuse patterns or populations

    To establish substance abuse trends

    To detect emerging substances

    To provide information for policy development and program planning


  • The Safe Medicine Disposal for ME Program - Find a location in Maine

    The Safe Medicine Disposal for ME Program provides Maine residents with a safe option for disposal of unused and expired medicine.

    Use google map to find Maine locations that accept unused medications for disposal.



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