• Kennebec County is situated in south-central Maine and is home to the State capitol, Augusta, which lies along the banks of the Kennebec River.

    • Total Area: 951 square miles

    • Population (2010 census): 122,151

    • Population Density: 141 people per square mile

    • Public Health District: Central – District 5

Priority Metric for Primary Outcome State Rate
(95% C. I.)
County Rate
(95% C. I.)
Increase Childhood Immunizations % 19-35 month olds up-to-date (i.e.received all doses) for a series of seven immunizations (Oct 2015) 76% 81%
Decrease Tobacco Use % Adults who smoke daily or some days (2012-2014) 20% 21% 
Decrease Obesity % Adults with obesity (Body Mass Index >30.0) (2012-2014) 29% 31% 
Decrease Preventable Hospitalizations Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions per 1,000 Medicare Enrollees 59 (58-60) 54 (50-58)
Decrease Cardiovascular Deaths Age-adjusted rate of cardiovascular deaths, per 100,000 population (2012-2014) 195 219
Decrease Cancer Deaths Age-adjusted rate of cancer deaths, per 100,000 population (2012-2014) 175 177 
Decrease Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction Age -adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths, per 100,000 population (2009-2014) 12.7 13.2
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    Use google map to find Maine locations that accept unused medications for disposal.

  • The Snuggle ME Project


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